Hey FINAL and Disturbing Trend fans. I'm back in the studio this week and next with Disturbing Trend recording some new singles. Click on the DT tab for more info!

Hey Everyone !!!! As you've already read and heard. FINAL and our studio friend will be releasing material under the Final page. I'll be working with Disturbing Trend in varying studios (USA, Europe and anyone's guess) to finish our latest CD. We'll be doing scattered shows around the Southwest, West Coast and NYC area as soon as it's safe!!!! Please keep a look out for the announced dates and venues! Peace, Mike.

Hey FINAL Fans. I and Glenn along with a number of artists are going to be releasing singles we've all been working on throughout the U.S. and Europe in the studio under the FINAL banner. We would like to provide everyone with new songs to listen too on a more progressive basis. It will enable us to bring to our fans a wider genre of music and freedom. Stay SAFE !!!! Mike. 10-02-2020

Head to the Disturbing Trend Tab for news on Mike's latest project!!!! Stay SAFE !!!! MIKE 10-02-2020

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FINAL has begun recording in earnest at the Hogenstrudel Castle; Rareform Studio's!

The Studio Hogenstrudel Castle


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